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Thanks For a Fantastic Kickstarter!

Big thank you from everybody at Dust Studios and Battlefront for all your support throughout the project. We really could not have done this without all your feedback and enthusiasm. For those of you who are long time players you did a great job sharing the love and helping out. For those of you who are new, welcome to the family, keep asking the questions as the Dust community is all around you.
The Final Countdown! Incident 4156 Mission 5.

Your intel reveals that a rogue Totenmeisterin has started up her own zombie army. With her army to protect her she plans on launching five rockets infused with a airborne Wiederbelebungsserum that could infect countless unsuspecting people with the zombie virus. The rockets are small to avoid detection and once fired will be impossible to stop. You and your allies must stop this before the rockets are deployed.

Checkout the Final Countdown mission here...
Battlefield Babylon Platoons

All six of these platoons are now available in the Gaming Section. These Platoons feature the new Babylon models from the Kickstarter. Each Bloc has two new platoons.

Check out all the posted Battlefield Platoons here...
Captured Walker Rules

As seen on the Kickstarter we are adding Captured Walker rules to the game. For a few extra points and some restrictions you can add your vary own Pounder to your Axis list or Lavrentiy Beria to your Allied army. 

Right click to download the Captured Walker rules PDF to your computer...

How To Play Dust Tactics And Dust Tactics: Battlefield

A Beginners Guide For Dust Tactics And Battlefield.

Getting into a new game can be confusing at the start, here is a quick guide to get you moving in the right direction.  We also added handy links so that players can find everything the need to get started. 

Find the Article here...
Victor's Captured Pounder: Part 2

Victor adds the finishing touches to his Pounder. His stunning captured walker really adds a amazing focal point to his army. I may have to try my hand at some weathering on my next dust project. 

Check out this amazing captured Pounder here...
Retrieve the Intel. Incident 4156 Mission 4

A downed walker has some critical intelligence. With this information you will be able to find out how to stop this zombie threat before it becomes more then a localized incident. Can you get in grab the intelligence before the zombie swarm engulfs you? 

Find Incident 4156 Mission 4 here...
Wave 8 V2 Cards

This week we thought we would share all the wave 8 Tactics 2.0 cards. Wave 8 has some awesome models including my favourite the bunkers. Bunker weapons are some of the biggest and scariest models in the game,  

Right click to download the Wave 8 V2 Cards...

Expanding The Battlefield

This week we are posting two of the six basic missions from the new Dust Tactics Rulebook; Free For All and Encounter. In these missions you will be trying to grab your opponent's objective while trying to hold on to your own.  

Check out the first two missions for Battlefield here...

Battlefield Platoons

One of the more exciting things about Battlefield are the platoons. I've compiled the list of platoons we have already posted and added a few new ones to get you started.  

Click here for the Platoons page from the Gaming section... 
Battlefield Templates PDF

To help you get stuck in playing Battlefield, Casey has made a PDF of the Battlefield templates. Click the link below to see the PDF. Right click the link to download the PDF to your computer.
Download the Template pdf here...

Victor's Captured Pounder: Part 1

Victor shows us his captured Pounder. He put a lot of time and love into this model. In part one of his two part article, Victor shows us how he envisions what a captured walker looks like in the World of Dust. 

Read how Victor went about painting his Pounder here...

Hold the Town. Incident 4156 Mission 3.

You have gathered all the resources that you could from the town, but while setting up the barricades the tunnel entrance has collapsed. Your men have been working around the clock to clear out the tunnel entrance but it is taking time, and that is something you have in short supply. Zombies are massing around the barricades and in the distance you can hear the sound of a buzz saw...

Check out Mission 3 here...
art Store Owners, Are You Supporting The Babylon Kickstarter?

Show your customers that you are supporting the Kickstarter with this poster. Put up in your store to let your customers know that they can place their order via your store.

Find the poster here (right click, save as)...

Dust Tactic: Battlefield Rules

This week we are giving you the Dust Tactics: Battlefield rules. Whilst being a true translation of Dust Tactics to a more traditional tabletop wargame, Battlefield does have some elements in common with Warfare.

Battlefield uses the same core rules and cards as Tactics so the transition from grids to tabletop is straight forward. Warfare players will find that there are some aspects to Battlefield that they will recognise, most notably the Suppression and Platoon rules.

Make sure to check back at the end of the week as we will be posting up some Battlefield missions and Platoons. 

Read the Dust Tactics: Battlefield rules here...
Read the Special Rules section here...

Beasts Of War Talk Dust

The team at Beasts of War talked about Dust in The Weekender and provided a chance to win a Dust Starter Set in a new competition!

Check out the episode of The Weekender here to learn more...

Victor's Desert Horten Part 2

Victor adds the finishing touches to his take on a Desert Horten. This fantastic model has even got me thinking about possible air support for my Zombies.

Check out Victor's Desert Horten here... 
Take The Town! Incident 4156 Mission 2

The Zombie campaign continues this week with another mission. Players must work together to secure the town and barricade any entry points if they hope to Take The Town!

Check out the second Zombie mission here...
Staff Armies: Eric's Mixed Infantry Army

Eric shares with us the force he has been building for Dust. At a glance, it looks as if he likes the feel an infantry based army.

Read about Eric's Army here... 
Axis Card Previews

This week's Staff Army does not feature many new preview cards. So to remedy this, I've posted some more previews for you to enjoy. This week I've added the Flak Boys, Panzerprinz and Hans. 

Check out these previews here...
Zombie Platoon

With all the Zombie things going on, I thought I would share something else for the Zombies; the Battlefield platoon!

Check out the Zombie platoon PDF here!  

Zombie Incident 4156 Continued

Andrew posted the rest of the rules for Incident 4156, these contains character creation and experience rules. He also posted the first mission The Escape, can you and your friends make it though the zombie hordes? 

Read the 2nd Part of the Campaign rules here...
Check out the first mission here...

Painting The Hordes Part 3

This week Andrew got some more painting done but he was more focused on completing some of the campaign elements. This update Andrew shows off some of the heroes he made and an Objective to be used in the 4th Incident 4156

Check out Andrew's progress here...
Victor's Desert Horten Part 1

Victor has done some amazing modifications  on his laser fighter. He wanted a more flying wing feel and I think the outcome was well worth the work he put into it.

See Victor modifications here...
 Staff Armies, Andrew's Wolfpack

This week we revisit one of Andrews Staff armies. Since his first post he has grown his army from 100 points to 150 points.

Check out what he has added here...


Kickstarter Live


Operation Babylon Kickstarter is live and going strong. We are excited to see all the support from the Dust players. 

Get involved with Babylon Kickstarter here... 


Welcome To The New Edition Of Dust Tactics!

For the first time, Dust Tactics is available as a stand-alone rulebook!

The rulebook is a 112 page full-colour hardback book contains everything that you need to know to play Dust Tactics, with clearly illustrated rules examples, platoon organisations, special rules and missions.
Another Earth. A different 1947. The Second World War has raged for nearly a decade and its grip has spread to every continent on the planet. War has advanced swiftly and strangely in the Dust universe through the application of Alien VK technology — a limitless source of energy in its simplest form, and an unthinkable weapon in the wrong hands. Out of the mind of Paolo Parente comes the world of Dust, a world where tanks have evolved into powerful combat walkers, where rocket troops take to the skies and the latest laser cannon, phasers, and Tesla weapons rule.

Check out the full Rulebook Spotlight here...
 View the Dust Tactics Rulebook in the online store here...
Dust Tactics Cards
Each card decks contain 100 full colour stat cards to make your force compatible with the new edition of Dust Tactics!

These decks contain a card for every Allied, Axis, and SSU model available for Dust Tactics released before January 2014, and include cards for the D-48 premium range.

A copy of the Dust Tactics rulebook is necessary to use the contents of these card decks.

Check out the full Card Spotlight here...
Axis 2014 Forces Deck (D208)
SSU 2014 Forces Deck (D209) Allies 2014 Forces Deck (D210)
 View the Dust Tactics Cards in the online store here...
Dust Tactics Battlefield Templates
Check out the full Templates Spotlight here...
Axis Template (D214)
SSU Template (D215)
Allied Template (D216)

View the Dust Tactics Battlefield Templates in the online store here...
Dust Tactics Tokens
Each token set contains a selection of 30 tokens.
Check out the full Tokens Spotlight here...
Axis Tokens (D211)
SSU Tokens (D212)
Allied Tokens (D213)
View the Dust Tactics Tokens set in the online store here...

Operation Babylon Dust Kickstarter

Starting next week, the latest release for Dust Tactics will be Dust Studio’s first Kickstarter project: Operation Babylon.

Operation Babylon will bring the war to the deserts of the Middle East, introducing the Dust equivalents of real historical forces like the Afrikakorps, Spetsnaz and United States Marine Corps, all combined with the excitement of classic action-adventure fiction.

Dust Studio are working with Battlefront to bring this project to completion. Battlefront will handle the fulfillment of the pledges, shipping the rewards to backers through their worldwide distribution network

Read the whole article here...

Incident 4156

-A Codename “Redacted” campaign 

Check out the new rules Andrew has been writing for a new mini zombie campaign. In the campaign players will band together to defeat the countless zombie hordes. Check in next week when the first two of the five missions are posted along with The Experience and Hero Building rules. 

Click here to read the beta rules for the campaign...

Painting the hordes Part 2.

Well after a week I got a good chunk of my zombies painted. I been swarmed by these models and almost gave up all hope but I pressed on.

Check out my process for painting my zombies here...
  Staff Armies: Phil's Phaser Army,
-Death From a Thousand Stings! 

Phil talks about his light walker platoon and the rest of his phaser army. 

Read about Phil's army here... 
Sturmkönig (D302) Spotlight

The Sturmkönig is the second configuration of the Heavy Panzer Walker.

The Sturmkönig excels at defending troops as they move into position. While slightly less armoured and resilient than the Königsluther, the Sturmkönig provides Axis commanders different strategic options with its Advanced Reactive Fire skill.

Check out the full spotlight here...