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Dust World Expo 2015

  The new Dust Expo Site is up and running. What is Dust World Expo? It is the annual celebration of all things Dust! The Expo will be located in Mesa, Arizona and will be held on March 27-29th. It is a great event for any fan of  Paolo Parente’s world of Dust. in addition to all the tournaments  and game events there will be a Miniature and Model Competition,  Dust Cosplayers, Special Guests, Cool Prizes, Pre-release Exclusives, Full Scale Dust Tech Displays and more!

Check out the Dust World Expo site for all the details....

Dust Tactics Poland's Comparison Video

The Guys at Dust Tactics Poland go into detail on their thoughts on the new Dust Babylon starter set units. In this video they review the Allied and Axis Army boxes. 

Make sure you check out Dust Tactics Poland's other Dust videos here...

Dust Kickstarter Update #91
We have good news for our Australian and New Zealand backers with confirmation of the arrival dates for the wave 1 sea freight! The vessel carrying the NZ container arrived late last night and the one heading to Australia is scheduled to arrive next Monday.

Check out the full update here... 

Hi Guys, I'm Back!

Hi guys Andrew here, 

I just got back this week from my trip back to the states to visit friends and family that I have not seen since I moved over to New Zealand back in 2013.  It was great meeting up with Dust players and fans in Idaho and Arizona, it is good to see how much love there is for Dust. Now that I am back I will be back at updating the Dust Website and lending my aid once again to the Dust Kickstarter. In this week Dust site update I thought I would share some of the cool Dust things that I caught over the holiday break.   

Dingos In The Dust Episode 5

The Dingos in the Dust podcast guys now have 5 and 1/2 Podcasts episodes online! It is a must hear for all Dust fans and a great to listen to on that commute to work or school. The show mixes great Dust knowledge with their own special brand of awesome. Make sure you give them your support and let them know how much we as a community enjoy their podcast. 

Check out their podcasts here... 

Dust Devils Poland Babylon Battle Report

It is always good to see great Dust themed content on youtube and the Dust Devil Poland boys deliver with another awesome Dust video.  This time they are  giving us a Dust Tactics Battle Report! Make sure you support those in our Dust community that go above and beyond to grow the community, so make sure drop a comment to simply let the Dust Devil Poland crew know that we appreciate their efforts. 

Check out the Dust Devil Poland crew’s Youtube videos here...

Dust Warfare Babylon PDF

Special thanks to Gregory F. Withrow, Major Malfunction, and C.S. Barnhart for helping us create the Warfare cards and PDFs for Babylon. With their help and with work from the guys at Battlefront, we now have a Warfare Babylon PDF. In this PDF you will have everything you need to run all the Babylon models. This PDF is 44 pages long with seven new platoons!  


Check out the new PDF here...

The Battle for Ranuigrad - Part 1

For the final T.C.O.W. club meeting of the year, Damian ran a DUST Battlefield mega-battle!  What a way to launch off the holiday season. Each player made a 75 point list and each side was limited to bringing one of each hero. This point size made for some really interesting lists.  Even I (Andrew Haught) was invited to join in on the fun. 

Check out part one of this New Zealander Mega Battle here...

Babylon Unboxing
from Dust Tactics Poland

Marek Laskowski Take us through unboxing his Babylon models. 

Christmas Kickstarter Update

We are getting in an early Christmas Greeting this year, as our regular Friday Kickstarter update is scheduled for Boxing Day in New Zealand (a statutory public holiday). The next regular update will be on the 9th of January.  

New Zealand and Australian Backers  
We really wanted to make sure that you received your Wave 1 items before Christmas, but we know it is not going to make it in time, sorry. Believe us when we say that we feel your pain, as our own orders are in the same shipment heading down from Malaysia. We expect to have good news when we return after the Christmas break, though.
Missing or Broken Babylon items 
Many of you will have already seen the update from Paolo about a missing tank component from the primed SSU Army Deal. If you haven’t, please get in touch with the Dust Studio guys at info@dustgame.com and enter 'KS-SSU-missing-Part' as the subject line to make sure your email gets dealt with quickly. You can use the same email address for any other problems with your Babylon products.

Problem Orders 
We still have a number of orders where we have been unable to get a response back. Please double-check your spam filters for emails from our Customer Service team. If we cannot get hold of you, we cannot ship you anything…

Merry Christmas, Everyone 
From all the team at Dust Studio and Battlefront, we hope that you enjoy the holiday season, have fun with your families and friends, and most importantly stay safe and come back next year for more gaming!


Unfortunately it seems that those Primed Tank turret parts are still here at the Factory...

Parts will be shipped at our cost to all of you.

Please send an e-mail with this subject: KS-SSU-missing-Part
to this address: info@dustgame.com

Please specify your name and address,

Philippe will gather your requests and start shipping next week.
Here at Dust Studio we are all TRULY SORRY for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your kind patience!!!

-Paolo Parente 

Dust Kickstarter Update #91

Stock have arrived in the US!

We have seen plenty of images on social media over the past week with people showing off their new Operation Babylon Army Deals, and we wanted to confirm that US customers will be joining the party shortly.

The Wave 1 stocks have arrived in our US warehouse and the team is busy getting everything picked and packed as fast as they can!

Warfare Babylon PDF

With all the work being done on the Babylon Kickstarter we been delayed releasing the Warfare PDF, rest assured it will be online in next week's Dust update.  


DUST RPG Adventures Is Now Available As A PRE-ORDER

(Click here to check out the Modiphius website and find more info...)

DUST Adventures is now available as a PRE-ORDER - Shipping in March 2015! Pre-Orders end January 31st and PDF's will be sent out as soon as they're ready!

DUST Adventures RPG is a rules-light exciting roleplaying game set in Paolo Parente’s DUST Universe and inspired by the epic tales arising from the DUST Tactics miniatures game. We are releasing the core rulebook and first campaign, Operation Apocalypse by pre-order for shipping in March 2015. 

The core book features:
- Lots of never-before-seen information on the DUST universe
- Full roleplaying rules including simple character generation for classic archetypes such as soldiers, adventurers and scientists
- Guidance on how to run exciting roleplaying adventures in the DUST universe
- Details of new and existing organisations that the players can be working for or facing in the field
- How to use vehicles and walkers in your games
- Tons of plot seeds and much more
- Introductory Adventure, the prequel to Operation Apocalypse!
- Use your DUST miniatures in the roleplaying game
DUST Adventures uses the DUST Tactics dice which feature three different symbols but you can just as easily use normal six-sided dice.

 In the World of Dust what kind of hero will you be?

 Dust Update #88

What to expect when you are expecting.

Check out the Latest Update here...

European Championships

As you know the World of Dust gathered this past weekend for the first European Championship. The quality of play was impressive: we had the pleasure to see formidable tacticians in action during the competition.

Check out the tournament article here...

Kickstarter Update #86

Make sure you see the latest Dust Kickstarter update.

Check out the update here...

 Great Dust Tactics Starter Set Unboxing Video 
Talk Wargaming goes over the Dust Tactics Starter sets and created a complete unboxing video for all three of the Dust Starter sets.

Check out their site here...

Dust Knights Dust Day

The Dust Knights of Telford are having a Dust day, an evening of Dust hosted by Stafford Games. 

When? Thursday, November 27 at 7:00pm - 10:00pm in UTC
Where?  Unit 5 Leons Way, Tollgate Dr, Stafford ST16 3HT.

Find their facebook event page here...

Kickstarter Update #84

This week we posted a new update on the Dust Babylon Kickstarter site - it doesn't have much new information, but it changes how we will do updates from now on.

Check out the update here...

 Esoteric Order of Gamers Battle Report: Part 2

Part two in the Esoteric Order of Gamers. They had some errors in their interpretation in the rules, most notably the infantry saves and Damage Resilient rolls, but we all make mistakes when we are starting off with a new game; the important thing is to enjoy yourself!

Check out the  Esoteric Order of Gamers website here...

German National Tournament 2014

On October 11, the German National Dust Tournament went down. They sent us some cool photos from their awesome event.

Make sure to check out their photos here...
Check out their website here...

Dust.Evolution Kickstarter Is Now Live

Dust.Evolution is the new Dust video game that is being Kickstarted right now by Dust Evolution, LLC. This game has roots in the Real Time Strategy genre, but to call it a mere RTS would be a disservice to the innovative aspects of the game. The game’s name “Dust Evolution” is quite apt, as it is an evolution for both the Dust setting and the RTS genre. While some of the key aspects of the game are yet to be revealed, the parts that have been shown off have already started quite a buzz in the Dust community. One thing you can rely on, though, in a game based on Paolo’s world of Dust, is cool walkers, a great backstory and some awesome VK-enhanced weaponry.

The Kickstarter is in its early days and it needs your help to get it going strong. Spread the word about the game, and let’s get this exciting project to the market.

Check out the Kickstarter here…

Discuss the new game on our forums here…

The Esoteric Order of Gamers Plays Battlefield

The guys over at the Esoteric Order of Gamers posted a video battle report for a Dust Tactics: Battlefield game. It's early days and they still don't quite have a firm grasp on all the the rules yet, but you can tell they are having fun playing the game and that really is what matters. We at Battlefront really do enjoy watching videos of players enjoying the games we make; if you have a video battle report of you and friends playing any version of Dust, why not share it in our forums?
Check out the Esoteric Order of Gamers website here…

Post a link to your battle report videos here…

The Kickstarter Has Taken Over!

This week we have a short update for the Dust site because we are helping the Kickstarter guys with the order review process. Things are moving along however the large number of orders and the option to swap so many products out has caused delays far beyond our expectations. Don’t worry though our site updates will get back in full swing next month as soon as we sort out all these orders. 

We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about Operation Achilles and the Sisters of Demolition not appearing in the Pledge Manager – don’t worry these have been automatically added to all applicable orders. Please note though that they cannot be swapped out for other items from the Kickstarter – if you have asked to swap them out for other models we will be in touch in due course.

Award Winning Painting

It is always fun to see what people are able to achieve when they are passionate about their hobby. And James takes his passion for painting to a whole new level with his GenCon Painting blog. 

Follow James K. Craig as he paints his way to victory at the GenCon painting competition in his five-part blog! Make sure to check out the rest of his "Lost in the Warp" and be sure to let him know what you think about his awesome Dust models. 

Check out part 1 here...
Check out part 2 here...
Check out part 3 here...
Check out part 4 here...
Check out part 5 here...


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