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Dust Battlefield: Platoons

Due to the holiday season here in New Zealand we had to push back Phil’s article on Dust Tactics: Battlefield to next week.
Since we did promise a closer look at battlefield we thought talk about platoons and how they work in Dust Tactics: Battlefield. 

Find out more about platoons here... 

Staff Armies: Sean's Heavy Ranger Assault Company

In this week's Staff Armies, Sean talks about his heavy ranger company and the joys of a more hands on approach to fighting. 

Read about Sean's Heavy Ranger army here...
Bonus V2 Tactics Cards!

Andrew shares some more V2 Cards and talks about the units he is thinking about adding to his Dust collection.   

Check out Andrew bonus card picks here...
KONIGSLUTHER (D300)  Ludwig (D300)

The recognizable shape of Axis Medium Panzer Walkers provokes fear amongst enemy soldiers.

The PzKpfL II-B Ludwig replaces the 5cm Flak 43 guns of the Luther with a pair of 8.8cm tank cannons adapted from obsolete Tiger tanks. Combined with a new sighting array, the Ludwig punches well above its weight against SSU tanks.

Check out the Ludwig spotlight here...
Lothar (D301)

The Pz. KpfL. II-D Lothar provokes fear in any soldier who sees it. It carries a formidable armament of Nebelwerfer missile-launchers on each arm, and can deliver a deluge of fire to fill the battlefield with destruction. The missile racks are big enough to carry an incredible number of rockets, and can strike from great distances on the battlefield.

Check out the Lothar spotlight here...

Dust Starter V2 Cards

What to try V2 with the starter box models? Well now you can, we added all the Dust Tactics starter V2 cards in this weeks web update.

Check out the Starter set V2 cards here... 
art art
art Phil Talks About Dust 2.0 Part 2

Phil talks about the overall feel of the game, how we were moving the game closer to what Paolo and Olivier's overall ideal for Dust Tactics, with our sites on a long lived and evolving game.    

Check out Phil's post here...

Curious About Dust: Battlefield?

      We thought we would put up this preview of dust Battlefield, tune in next week when Phil will talk about Dust: Battlefield more in depth. 





 Adepticon 2014

DDI posted a cool article on the Dust Warfare tournament at Adepticon. Thanks to all the players who played in the tournament and made it so epic.

Check out DDI's Adepticon article here...

Staff Armies: Victor's Lasers of Doom Army

Victor talks about the his Laser themed army he is building, he is still at the early stages of putting his army together so expect some great companion articles as he completes more of his army.   

Check out Victors Army here...

Steel Rain (DT502)

The Medium Combat Walker M2-F, or Steel Rain, is a mobile dispenser of mass destruction. Although its mighty rockets don’t leave any space to carry a .50 cal AA MG, its impressive 4.2’’ rockets can set sizable areas of the battlefield aflame and annihilate the enemy, and its massive mortar fires explosive shells weighing 20 kilos each!

Check out the Steal Rain here...

Pounder (D502)

Pounder (D500)  Mickey/Hotdog (D500)

Initially the Hotdog Medium Combat Walker was designed to support the howitzer armed Mickey Combat Walkers with a deadly Napalm thrower.

In practice both walkers serve independantly of each other and the cover-defeating qualities of the napalm thrower have proved essential. 

As a result the M2-B Hotdogs have become a common sight on all Allied fronts

Checkout the Hotdog and Micky here... 



Download The New Tactics Rules Now!

We just added a free PDF Download of the Dust Tactics 2.0 rules and special abilities.

Download your copy of the core rules here...(Right click to download)
Download your copy of the special abilities rules here... (Right click to download)

Also check out the table of  contents to see what is in the book... (Right click to download)

 Pounder (D501)
 art Phil Talks About Dust 2.0

Phill talks more on the new cards and how we changed some of the rule to better ballance the game. 

Phil goes more in-depth here...

Paolo makes it easy! 

Don't want to paint up an army or just want a really nice looking army fast? Have you checked out Paolo's premium pre-painted Dust models? His expertly painted models can be yours for not too much more then the model costs unpainted. 

Check out Dust Premium here...
MICKEY ARV  Dust-48 Models

Have you checked out Paolo's dust 48 models on his site? We added spotlights and the new dust cards for these epic models.

Allied Dust-48...
Axis Dust-48...
SSU Dust-48...

Check out Dust-48 on Paolo's site...
Staff Armies, Andrew's SSU

Andrew shows off his in progress of his 100 point soviet army using the new point system. 

See Andrew's progress here here...
 Pounder (D501) Pounder (D501)

In spite of the skeptics, who though the M2 chassis wouldn’t be able to withstand the recoil of a larger gun, the Allied designers have managed to successfully mate a high velocity 17 pounder anti-tank gun to the M2.

The resulting Pounder gives the Allies a hard hitting, highly manoeuvrable walker that will swing the tide of any battle they are involved in.

Check the Pounder out here...
Axis Zombies (D504)

Despite their simple minds, these undead soldiers aid the Blutkreuz Korps by focusing on only one objective, annihilating the enemy. Allied commanders will need to adapt quickly to these brutal enemies as they are fast, mindlessly fearless, and sometimes appear impervious to gunfire.

Check Axis Zombies out here...
Axis Zombies (D304)
KONIGSLUTHER (D303) Konigsluther (D503)

With its dual 17.3 cm FpK, the Königsluther is a formidable weapon, easily among the most fearsome in the war. 

The heaviest variant of the Luther, the Königsluther sometimes wins battles even before firing its first shot; so terrifying is its raw firepower that many enemy tank commanders simply refuse to fight it without support from their mightiest walkers.

Check out the Königsluther here...

Beasts of War Play Dust

Olivier Zamfirescu visit the guys over at Beasts of War and show off some of the basics of dust tactics in one of there latest dust videos. 

Axis Pioneer Starter Set Conversion 

In this weeks update we show you how to change your Starter Recon Grenadier unit into a Sturmpioneer unit.

Axis Pioneer Starter Set Conversion...
Jagdluther (D305) Spotlight

The sPz. KpfL. IV-A “JagdLuther 75” is armed with a pair of 7.5cm FpK 42 L/70. It’s a longer version of the old 7.5 gun, much more deadly and accurate.

JagdLuther (D305) Spotlight...
Dust Dice (D902, D903 and D904) Spotlights
The new Dust dice are being released in blisters of 16 dice, now it easy to build up your dice pools.

Dust Dice (D902, D903 and D904) Spotlights...


First Look at Tactics Cards

In this week’s web update we take a sneak peek of the new Dust Tactics cards as Phil talks about the changes made. 

Check it out here... 
Dust Warfare Decks.

Look what showed up on my desk this week! The Warfare decks should be hitting stores near you soon!

Now to plan out my next Warfare army... Perhaps I will go with a Heavy Ranger platoon.

Dust Expo
More Photos from the Dust World Expo.

Take a closer look at the Dust World Expo.

 Check it out here...



Some Great Photos From Dust Expo

Geekssociated Press coved the Dust Expo and shared there photos with us and Facebook!

Check out the photos here...

Check out Geekssociated Press's Facebook page here...

Dust Expo

Some Cool Facebook Sites To Check out

Wee Gamers have put together an unboxing video featuring the bulldog and sixshooter.  They have a great miniature gaming themed Facebook pack full of cool gaming news and videos.

Especialista Dust

Especialista Dust is a cool dust fan page, if you don't speak Spanish, not an issue Facebook will translate for you. 

Check it out here...
Share Your Facebook Group

Do you have a local Facebook group or club? Why not share a link in the player finder forum.


New Dust Warfare Cards


In today's Update we will take a closer look at the new Warfare cards. There is nothing new added to the cards or rules just a new format for the cards to make the game easier to play. With easy to read cards, damage check boxes and summaries of rules on the back these cards make it that much easier to sit down and play a game.


We also added some useful reference cards to each deck to help ease of the game.




Tabletop Gaming Central's GavinM made a cool SSU Starter unboxing video. It takes a closer look at the SSU models and everything that comes in the starter set.  

Check out his video and site here... 
Dust Tactics SSU Starter Set Unboxing Video
Axis Hero Pack (DT028)
News From The Dust World Expo

DDI posted up the Dust World Expo Tactics World Championship Rules on Facebook- Unlike what  the form says the Tactics points are set at 200 points - Warfare will be set at 300 points.

Find the Dust World Expo Tactics World Championship Rules here...

Find the Dust World Expo Warfare World Championship Rules here...
Have You Checked Out Paolo Parente's Dust Lately?

Paolo has added some cool new items to his site, these included some cool weapon create sets that are perfect for in game objectives. He also has added the Allied Light Weapon set 2, this set includes some really cool custom bits to jazz up your troops or terrain.   Check out his site for these and more cool items like his pre-painted range of dust models. 

Paolo Parente's Dust...

Major Malfunction Talks Treads Major Malfunction shows us how to remove the treads from SSU tanks with helpful step by step instructions.  Now to paint some tanks!

Check out his post on DDI here...
Stunning Captured Walker

Over on Cool Mini or Not, Darkmessiah shows off his simply stunning SSU captured Pounder.  Darkmessiah  titled his walker "Vezdekhod 47" which he roughly translates as "He who goes anywhere" or "all-terrain vehicle"

Check out this fantastic model here...


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